Clinic focused on Front and Back walkovers. Great for those starting out or need help cleaning. Participants must have a strong bridge to attend 

This clinic will focus on various dance tricks. Example: Valdez, Spider Cartwheel, Kips, and more. Participants should have a strong cartwheel, bridge, and walkover to participate.

Tumbling Clinics

Clinic focused on Aerials. We will work both Front and Side aerials. Dancers should have a front  walkover as well as cartwheel for this clinic

RFGC Clinics

Looking for to work on specific skills? Check out our Saturday clinics from 9:40am - 10:25am! We are offering a variety of clinics throughout the summer on various skills. Click on the clinic you are interested in to sign up. All clinics are $10). Please note pre-registration is required and some clinics have skill requirements to sign up. Email with questions.