Home School Open Gym

2019-2020 School Year (Sept- May)

 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. 



Please review the rules to the right. Please note that for home school open gym children 5 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 





Have Fun!

Open Gym Rules 

All participants must have a completed liability form signed by their parent or guardian on file. Click below to download liability waiver form.

1.  NO food, gum, or beverage of any kind allowed in  gym area.

2. No throwing equipment or rough housing.

3. Parents please come in to drop off and sign-in your child. Please also come in to pick up your child. We insist on all children waiting inside for their rides. Please be prompt in picking your child up.

4. One person on the trampoline and in the pit at a time. Enter pit feet first- no diving. Do not pick at pit blocks. Make sure pit is properly stacked with blocks before entering. 

5. Children under 4 years old must be accompanied in the gym by an adult (adults are not allowed on the equipment). Otherwise, parents are not allowed in the gymnastics area
6. To ensure a pleasant experience for all guests, we reserve the right to remove any guest who is exhibiting improper behavior (yelling/screaming/horseplay/fighting, etc.)

7. Do not try new skills at open gym. Work on skills you know.

8. Main floor should be used for cross tumbling. Obstacle courses and drill stations can be created on the Rec floor area.

9.  Use of ropes and single rail over pit are not allowed.

10. Tell an instructor if you think you might be hurt.


All Open Gyms are open to the public, unless noted.  Children not registered in our program will require a signed Liability Form in order to participate.  Parents or guardians must sign their child in each time their child attends an open gym. Each open gym has an instructor to supervise children and monitor safety. Please do not expect to have spot on skills, instructor will assist gymnasts to the best of their ability. open gyms should be used to perfect skills gymnast have, perform drills on their own to master skills they are still working on and to  HAVE FUN!


*All solid red/pink open gym passes expired June 2019

Location: 1000 Lilac ave river Falls, wi 54022

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