Welcome to our Boys Program page!At RFGC, our Boys Program consists of 5 different classes for boys of all ages: 
-Boys Only 
-Boys Homeschool 
-Boys Basic Events 
-Boys Tumbling & Trampoline
-Boys Intermediate
(All of our class descriptions can be found under the Class Offerings tab.) 
Out of these 5 classes, we have an evaluation-based system within the Boys Basic Events, Boys Tumbling & Trampoline and Boys Intermediate class, meaning boys will have various event expectations in place as they follow our RFGC program. 

These are all class-specific skills, but modeled to meet the expectations and guidelines that build a base, build up and build around a boys gymnastic experience. Please note that our Boys Intermediate evaluations are discussed with families at the end of each session and are based on progression, skill set, strength, form and consistency. 

All 5 of our boys class offerings will follow a physically conditioning tier evaluation as they work and apply to all of our Boys Program classes. Boys may fall into any tier at any time during their class or within classes. These inclusive tiers help with overall performance within our program on various events and also maintain physical strength, flexibility and endurance, encouraging individual athleticism and strength. 
They are categorized by 3 main tiers: 
-Tier 1 (Beginner) 
-Tier 2 (Progression) 
-Tier 3 (Difficult) 
Tier 4-6 coming fall of 2024. 
Click the Boys Basic Events link to view all of the evaluation videos for our Boys Basic Events class. This outline is separated by Boys Basic Events events: BARS, FLOOR, MUSHROOM, P-BARS, POMMEL, RINGS, AND VAULT. 

Click the Boys Tumbling & Trampoline link to view all of the evaluation videos for our Boys  Tumbling & Trampoline class. This outline is separated by Boys  Tumbling & Trampoline events: FLOOR, TRAMP, AND VAULT.

RFGC Boys Program