River Falls Gymnastics Club private lesson policy

  • All private lessons must be paid in full at the first lesson.
  •  RFGC requires a 24-hour cancellation notice to receive a credit to use toward a rescheduled lesson. 
  • No-show/no-call private lesson family will be charged the cost of the private lesson.  
  • *Please note equipment availability is dependent on class schedule. 

Gym Wide Discipline Policy:

At RFGC, our coaches and staff will do our best to redirect and guide children within class to participate in a safe and fun way. To ensure that safety is the top priority and that all children are able to enjoy our class environment; if a child's behavior in class is unsafe or significantly distracting, we may pursue the following steps: 
1) Verbal Warning
2) Energy Seat (time out) or make them teacher buddy
3) Talk to Parent/Guardian

River Falls Gymnastics Club Discount Policy

Please note: Family discounts, multiple class discounts or credits will be applied by our office prior to your credit card being charged. 
10% off the 2nd child registered (Does not include camps or special events)
25% off the 3rd child. (Discount is applied to the least expensive class and does not include camps or special events).
20% off the 2nd class registered for the same student within a session (Does not include add-on classes or camps)
10% off military discount for class sessions and camps only. 

Military discount will be applied on top of other discounts, however only 1 discount per class for multiple children or multiple classes for 1 gymnast discounts.


If payment for a session is not received by Week 4 of the session for 2 or more sessions, you will be required to register in person or via phone and payment will be required at the time of registration.


Animals are prohibited from being inside the gym or lobby area. Service animals only.


Near the end of the session if your child is in levels Tigers through Intermediate 2 they will receive a suggestion of what class to register for next session (there are no formal evaluation Fall 2 & Spring Session). Those currently enrolled in a session will get first priority (before it opens to the public) when registering for the next session.

There is no priority registration during Summer and Fall 1 Session registration.
Priority registration applies for gymnasts who are registering for consecutive sessions.
Gymnasts must be registered for the current session OR have purchased 4-1hour or 4-1/2 hour private lessons during the current session to be considered for priority registration for the next session.

River Falls Gymnastics Terms and Conditions

I understand participation in gymnastics classes involves an element of risk or damage for all participants and may cause serious injury or death.  I agree to assume these risks for my family and indemnify, hold harmless and release the City of River Falls, the River Falls Gymnastics Club, it's employees, and other participants from liability for injuries and damages sustained while participating in these classes.

Shipping and handling is determined by product.

Personal and credit card information is secure with SSL.

RIVER FALLS GYMNASTICS Medical emergencies

I fully understand that the staff of the River Falls Gymnastics Club are not physicians or medical practitioners of any kind. With that in mind, I hereby release River Falls Gymnastics Club to render first aid to my child in the event of any injury or illness. As a parent or legal guardian, I agree to provide health insurance for the minor child and/or guarantee payment of any medical expenses incurred as a result of training, performing, or participation in activities with the River Falls Gymnastics Club. 

River Falls Gymnastics Registration Policies:

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Credit card is required when registering online. All users must have a credit card on file online. This credit card will be used to pay for the classes you register for online.  Credit cards are charged each Thursday*.  If you register on a day other than Thursday, you will be charged the following Thursday.  If you register on a Thursday, you may be charged that same day or the following Thursday depending on the time of registration.  If at any time you want to change the credit card on file you can do so by clicking on the tab "MY ACCOUNT" in your portal. Payment in full is due prior to the start of each session, students will not be allowed to practice if tuition is not paid. 

  • Enrollment is first come, first served. Class limits will be enforced to ensure a positive experience for all.
  • Missed classes can be made up by scheduling with the office in advance, a make-up session during another class if space is available.
  • Class cancellations received 48 hours prior to the start of the participant's first class of the session will receive a refund, minus a $5 processing fee. Cancellations received after the 48 hour window will not receive a refund regardless of attendance, but you will be credited the amount to be used towards a future session or event with the River Falls Gymnastics Club. We do not provide refunds for classes that your child is registered for but did not attend.  Please see our make up policy regarding missed classes. 
  • River Falls Gymnastics Club reserves the right to close a class if there is not enough interest.
  • Photography taken during gymnastics classes may be used on the River Falls Gymnastics website and in marketing materials.  No names or ages will be published. 
  • Returned check fee of $35


Maintaining regular class attendance will provide optimal training for your child as well as continuity within the group; however, we understand that there are times when your child will be absent.  For this reason, we offer a once per session credit to be used toward an open gym. You must pre-register for open gyms through your parent portal (customer login). Please contact the office by calling (715) 425-6007 or email info@riverfallsgymnastics.com for the credit. We do not provide refunds for classes that your child is registered for but did not attend.  

If you know you will be absent, you can submit your absence by logging into your account with us and following these steps: How to Submit Absence on Parent Portal.pdf

Weather Related or unexpected Closings:

If the River Falls Gymnastics Club is closed and classes are cancelled due to inclement weather (or any other reason), families will be notified via email, it will be on our voicemail system and posted on the website. Unless there is an extenuating circumstance the cancellations will be determined by the following times: 

  • Monday-Friday Morning Classes/Events: 8am
  • Monday-Friday Evening Classes/Events: 3pm
  • Saturday-Sunday Classes/Events: 8am 

The River Falls Gymnastics Club will do their best to reschedule the cancelled class or event at a later time during the same session. In the event the makeup class is not able to be rescheduled, an open gym pass will be provided to the participant. The River Falls Gymnastics will NOT follow the closings of the surrounding school districts but such closings will be taken into consideration.

Health and Wellness Policy:

If your child has flu or cold like symptoms, ear infection, pink eye, lice, whooping cough, etc. your child CANNOT attend class. A good rule of thumb is that if your child was not able to attend school or is dismissed early he or she cannot attend gymnastics class. If we feel your child is showing signs of illness, we will dismiss your child from class to a parent or guardian. If your child has been diagnosed with an illness listed above or any other illness that may infect another child and has been in gymnastics class during a time where you may think they could have infected others, please contact the office. We at River Falls Gymnastics Club will do our best to inform classmates of any serious or highly infectious illnesses that may have been presented by a fellow gymnast. We also will continue to do our part in disinfecting mats and other items in the gym.

Simple Tips to Staying Healthy:

  • Hand washing with soap and warm water for at least 30 seconds
  • Wash hands before, after and during class if needed
  • Coughing and sneezing into your elbow, use a tissue and keep hands away from facial areas
  • Avoid touching other children
  • Cuts, scrapes, rashes, warts, etc. should be covered when in the gym

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Head Lice Information Documents:

Gym Rules:

1. No food, gum, or beverage of any kind allowed in gym area.
2. No throwing equipment or rough housing.
3. Parents please come in to drop off your child. Please also come in to pick up your children. We insist on all children waiting inside for their rides. Please be prompt in picking your child up.
4. One person on the trampoline at a time.
5. To ensure a pleasant experience for all guests, we reserve the right to remove any guest who is exhibiting improper behavior (yelling/screaming/horseplay/fighting, etc.)

7. Participants should wear a leotard or comfortable, tight-fitting clothing that covers their stomach.  No bare midriffs, jeans, buttons, zippers, socks, tights or jewelry (stud earrings ok).  Long hair should be pulled back into a ponytail. 
10. Tell an instructor if you think you might be hurt.

1. Trampoline MUST be supervised at all times.
2. Only one person on the trampoline at a time.
3. Listen to directions. Make sure you understand what skill you are attempting.
4. No “Horse Play” or “Fooling Around.”
5. No bouncing or jumping off trampoline onto the floor.
6. Avoid bouncing too high. Stay in control.
7. DO NOT exceed your ability level. Ask an instructor if you want to try a new skill.


1. Make sure pit is clear of people and objects before entering.
2. NO head first entries. No “diving.”
3. Always land on feet, seat or back as if sitting in a chair.
4. Make sure area is properly fluffed.
5. DO NOT pick foam.
6. DO NOT land with straight legs. Land with legs bent and apart.
7. DO NOT bury yourself in the pit. Keep your head above the pit foam.


1. Hands must be on the bars at all times.
2. No hanging on the bars by only your knees.
3. No walking on the bars with just your feet.

Gym Policies & Guidelines

It is our goal to provide the safest environment possible for all of our athletes, as well as one that is optimal for their learning.  The following policies are in place to help ensure that we achieve that goal each and every day at RFGC.