Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for classes?

Class registration can be done online by accessing our customer portal at the top right corner of our website.  We can also register students in person at our office or by phone at 715-425-6007.

What class should I sign my child up for?

Please contact our office at 715-425-6007 if you have any questions about which class would be the best fit for your child.  Class descriptions located on our website outline classes with age recommendations.  If your child has participated in gymnastics in another program and is new to our program, we would welcome you to come in for an evaluation to determine which level best fits your child.  Contact the office to schedule evaluations.  

Age & Class Recommendations:

  • 18 months through 3 years - Koalas

  • 3-4 years - Monkeys  (*Monkeys 4+ is for students who are 4 yrs and have already taken the Monkeys class.)

  • 5-6 years - Tigers

  • 7 & Up - Beginner 1 if new to gymnastics or advancing from Tigers. (*Beginner 1 9+ is for students who are 9 and older who are trying gymnastics for the first time.)

  • Levels including Beginner 2 through Intermediate 3 are based on skill level.

Are the prices per week or for the session?

Prices reflected on our website are for the full session of classes, usually ranging between 8 & 9 weeks of classes.  Any discounts you are eligible for (sibling discount, military discount, multiple classes for the same student discount) will be applied after you register and will be reflected in the amount charged to your credit card on file.  

How and when do I pay for classes?

We accept payment via cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.  Credit Card information can be updated in our online portal.  Credit card processing occurs each Thursday.  If registration falls on a Thursday, your card will be charged that day or the following Thursday, depending on the time of day that you register.  If registration falls on a day other than Thursday, your card will be charged the following Thursday after registration.
Cash or check payment can be given to office staff or your child’s coach (please ensure your child’s name is noted on payment) or mailed to River Falls Gymnastics Club, PO Box 285, River Falls WI, 54022.  

Payment MUST be received prior to the start of the first class in order for your child to participate.  

How many days per week do I attend?

Classes are held once per week.  You may choose to sign your child up for an additional class if you would like them to attend more than once per week.  

Do I get to choose from all the time slots?

Your child is able to attend the day and time you choose during registration for that session.

What should my child wear and what should they bring to class?

Gymnasts should wear a leotard or comfortable, tight fitting clothing that covers their stomach.  No bare midriffs,  jeans, buttons, zippers, socks, tights or jewelry.  Hair should be pulled back into a ponytail.  Each week, please have your child bring a water bottle into class.  Coaches will have gymnasts place their water bottles on the water bottle rug so they can easily access them during class.  

Do I need to stay in the gym during my child’s class?

Parents of children in Monkeys and Tigers should wait with their child until the teacher starts the class. Children should remain in the lobby area until the instructor invites them into class (please no gymnastics while waiting).  Then you are welcome to leave for the duration of class but we ask that you arrive back to pick up your child a few minutes before the end of their class.  Parents of children in Beginner levels and up are not required to stay during class. There is a limited viewing area available for all participants if you choose to stay and watch. For safety, siblings of participants must be monitored by an adult in the viewing area. Please no climbing or pulling on gates or ropes in this area.

What should I do if I have to miss a class?

If you know that you will miss a class in advance, please login to your parent portal to submit your absence. Follow the steps HERE to submit an absence. 

What happens in case of school cancellations or extreme weather?

We do NOT follow the closings of the surrounding school districts, but such closings will be taken into consideration. If we cancel classes due to inclement weather, you will be notified via email.  We will also post the information on our voicemail system and on our website.  Unless there is an extenuating circumstance the cancellations will be determined by the following times: Mon - Fri AM classes by 8am, Mon - Fri PM classes by 3pm, Sat - Sun classes by 8am. We will do our best to reschedule the cancelled class or event at a later time during the same session. In the event the makeup class is not able to be rescheduled, an open gym pass will be provided to the participant.

How does my child progress to the next class level?

Coaches will evaluate students each session and provide recommendations at the end of the session if your child should advance to the next level.  Some sessions, students will receive a full evaluation with skill list for their level and information on whether they have mastered or are still working on each skill in addition to what level to register for next.  Some sessions, students will receive only a class recommendation.  If you have questions about specific skills, please ask your student’s coach or contact our office.  For a student to have mastered a skill, they need to be able to perform it without spot regularly and consistently during more than one class with proper form and technique.  

Evaluations and Class Recommendations will be updated towards the end of a given session and can be viewed online!*

* No formal evaluations are done Fall 2 Session and Spring Session

Steps to View Student Skills.pdf

What if my child is not progressing to the next level?

It is common for gymnasts to repeat the same level for multiple sessions (typically a student will be enrolled in the same level for 3-4 sessions).  Do not be alarmed if it takes your child more than a year to advance.  Gymnastics is a sport of repetition and we want to ensure that gymnasts have mastered the skills associated with their level before moving onto more difficult skills.  This is for the safety of our gymnasts and to ensure proper progression and technique of skills.  In our program, the average gymnast participates in the following number of sessions before passing the level: Beginner 1 - 4 sessions, Beginner 2 - 3 sessions, Beginner 3 - 3 sessions, Intermediate 1 - 5 sessions, Intermediate 2 - 6 sessions, Intermediate 3 - 7 sessions.  If you are interested in your child having one-on-one instruction, we do offer private lessons.  Please contact our office for more information.  Advancement to Training Team and Team is by invitation only and is dependent on size and spaces available in both levels.  

Is there anything else I should know?

Please feel free to contact us with any feedback you have on your child’s coach and on our program.